Suede Candle


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Part of our Atrio core collection, get to know the Atrio Candle. Available in two scents, Smudge, and Suede, we think of the two as a complementary pair: Suede for day, and Smudge ideal for the evening. Made of an exquisite vegan coconut wax blend, Suede’s scent is subtly dark and slightly smokey, feeling edgy and pleasant, with prominent scents of suede leather and patchouli. The perfect addition to an evening scene such as a dinner, to wind down the day on a bedside table, or to set the mood in situ in any home environment. Pairs beautifully with our Marble Candle Vessel.

Designed and Produced in Los Angeles

The Brand

Combining Atrio Founder and Creative Director Jeremiah’s love of texture, form, and odes to the past, the Atrio collection features custom designed and vintage furniture, decor, scent and more, created in-house with the intent of offering customers long-lasting future heirlooms that carry with them an intentionality and joy through thoughtful design.

Scent Notes

Suede Leather, Blackcurrant, Bulgarian Rose, Wild Orchid, Patchouli, Agarwood.


100% Vegan Coconut Wax Blend.


11 Oz. 60+ Hour Burn Time.

Care Instructions

Trim wick between uses.