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Irish Crone

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Irish Crone is a knitwear project born from the need to reinterpret "English" old world in a modern and contemporary way. Classic jacquard's, but turned in unusual colors, traditional-style hand stitches from old Ireland, but made with light and soft yarns. All made in Italy. We love this shirt with a tailored trouser and a sleek low top sneaker.



Provenance: Marche, IT

Material: 75% Linen, 25% Cotton

Size and Fit:

  • Standard Cut


About Irish Crone: Hailing from the Marche region of Italy, Irish Crone is the knitwear brainchild of Eddy Ricami Srl, a notable production house crafting knits for brands such as Missoni and Gucci. Irish Crone stands out with its retro vibe, weightless nonchalance and distinctive color palettes.