Michael Philouze Unisex X-Jeans


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These fabulous unisex jeans with X-pockets were born from from Closed's collaboration with New York top stylist, Michael Philouze. The jeans feature a loose fit made of eco denim by Candiani, a mid-blue wash and handcrafted destroyed effects.


About Closed: Friends Til Nadler, Gordon Giers, Hans Redlefsen transformed an Italian denim house born in 1987 into a contemporary brand bringing together Italian craftsmanship, French imagination and German tradition.

Made of 100% eco cotton, machine wash with like colors. The unisex sizes are based on the American sizes for women and men: 1 ≈ 23/24; 2 ≈ 25/26; 3 ≈ 27/28; 4 ≈ 29/30; 5 ≈ 31/32;6 ≈ 33/34, and 7 ≈ 36.